Saturday, 12 May 2018

Why Aren't People Convinced By Facts?

Evolutionists start with man’s ideas about the past and assume everything is the result of natural processes over time (even though they cannot directly observe, test, or repeat such an idea). Biblical creationists start with God’s Word, the eyewitness account of creation, and use the history provided in God’s Word as a framework for interpreting the past.

Creationists don’t ignore facts. We interpret them in light of the history from God’s Word. Because we have a different starting point, we come to conclusions different from those of evolutionists looking at the same evidence. And, because God’s Word is true, the evidence we see in the world confirms God’s Word.

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Monday, 7 May 2018

Can Christians Have Doubts?

Dear Michael,
Every Christian has had doubts at some point in their Christian life. We’re all finite creatures. We don’t know everything. Sometimes we get things wrong. And this possibility can cause us to doubt our beliefs.
But this isn’t unique to Christians. Everyone has doubts. So the question isn’t really, “Can Christians have doubts?” but rather, “What should we do when doubts come?”