Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Challenge: Didn't Jesus Say He Wants Christians to Kill All Non-Believers?

August 05, 2014 | STR.org

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Quote of the Month

The Bible teaches the worst part about yourself. You need to be exposed to the thing you both fear and hate, and that's where salvation lies.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Believers' Baptism

In his book, David Horton describes believers' baptism as "The practice in which the rite is reserved for those who profess faith in Jesus Christ. Implied is that the recipient either an adult or has reached the 'age of accountability.' " Sometimes referred to as "age of reason"; the point at which a child is believed (by some Christians) to be responsible for knowing right from wrong, or capable of understanding and appropriating God's gift of salvation. Some hold this age to be seven, some thirteen (after Jewish custom), while others believe it differs for each child.
Lutherans hold the view that baptism communicates grace. It produces forgiveness of sin; necessary for salvation. Infant baptism is necessary; God works faith in them. For Calvanists baptism is only for believers; it's a sign of faith, but children are baptized to show they are in covenant. Anabaptist believe it is only for believers; infant baptism is rejected.
According to the Paul Enns, reformed believers taught that the sacraments are to be administered only to believers as signs of their faith. God does, however, communicate His grace through sacraments.