Monday, 25 May 2015


...."Imperfection" is really in the eyes of the beholder. For example, a sphere would not be perfect if it had any pock mark upon it. Nonetheless, our planet (a sphere) would be less perfect if it did not have the Grand Canyon (a pock mark) to explore. So, in sum, it seems to me from a Biblical perspective that our perfect God created imperfection simply because it was the perfect thing for Him to do. But it doesn't stop there -- He also chooses to save us from sin through His Son Jesus. In most religions, man must sacrifice his prize possessions to bless God. In Christianity, God sacrifices His prize possession to bless man. - See more at:

[Atheists] have little problem with offering challenges to the infinite God, judging Him according to their own understanding, and then pronouncing to everyone why God can't exist--according to their reasoning.
They think they are wise enough, logical enough, and experienced enough to justify denying God's existence.  They resist the truth to the point of their own destruction.

Matt Slick,