Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Scientific knowledge is based on sensation. For as we are bound to sense, the truths we are capable of knowing are all contingent or 'positive' : strictly speaking, we can neither see nor hope to see why they are what they are. And that is to say that science cannot explain the world but only describe it. To put it very simply: Science cannot explain why things happen but only how. To the mathematical mind the problems of perception and of the external world leads most of them to study closely the physical sciences, and they tend to regard these as being the only reliable source of knowledge and throwing out other main fields of human achievement, the arts, history, religion, and morality. Interest in God is far from these people. It is a reach out of the natural realm to the metaphysical: the pretended science of what lies beyond sensible appearance. To them it is the denial of reality, just imagination.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Anxiety, Stress and Depression

There is so much stress, anxiety and depression in the world today. And our solution to the problem is to escape into fantasies, or to fill ourselves up with stuff, or chase after money, food, pleasure, power, and even wisdom to satisfy our cravings. Another more common solution to more prolonged and severe problems is to seek help from a doctor and take pills or drink or smoke or do drugs to dull the pain. And we know this only covers the problem. And no psychiatrist claims to have cured their patients. The real problem in this is that we have not put God in the right position in our life. Even I, as a Christian, have not always put God in the right position in my life. Many of our illnesses don't come from the food we eat or how much we exercise, and we all know it, it's all in our brain, it's from our heart and where we put our trust. Too many of us put our trust in other people or even ourselves. Put your faith in God. Put God in the right position and live according to His will and let Him take down all your obstacles. Don't worry about the things of tomorrow, there is enough trouble in today and you don't know what will happen tomorrow. As difficult it can be in the most challenging times, put your faith in God. He knows the future and in the good and the bad times He will always be there. Put your faith in Him. I honestly believe you will be healed!

There is more to it:
Drunkenness leaves you not in control of your thoughts.
And Drugs make you dependent on them, your doctor and yourself instead of God.
Marijuana tricks your mind and body to the sensation of happiness, but it's only a substitution for real joy and peace given by God's Spirit.

I know in some serious cases drugs are needed to help. But God is beside you and will help you through rehabilitating your life. God Bless

Saturday, 9 November 2013

He Died to Self

How was Jesus the son of God and still God?
We need to give strictest attention to what God has spoken in His son to us. You have heard of the suffering Saviour in Isaiah 53. Upon that cross Christ became sin for us and died to self that he might live for us. He gave up his life to The Father so that we have the chance to live eternally with God. And it is only through Jesus Christ, the mediator between us and The Father, that we might have eternal life.