Friday, 30 May 2008

He Is Real

After talking with my dad tonight about faith, I did some thinking. People want something real. People won't believe in something unless it feels real. They cannot grasp the teachings of the Lord if they don't have any concrete evidence of his workings.
For example, a person won't believe in ghosts if I told them a story about someone else's experience, but they might after I tell them my own experience. The same applies sometimes with getting to know the Lord. Some people need some feedback on a real experience with God. If you just read some scriptures from the Bible, they might just say "Oh that's just written in a book." But, if you give them something real to think about, it might help.

You could use scriptures to help others understand. I remember when I first started reading the Bible I couldn't put it down. I still read, maybe not pages upon pages, but sometimes just a few minutes. I read because there is a special force inside me (the Holy Spirit) that keeps me motivated and interested, and yearning to learn more about what the Lord wants me to do. Some non-believers will think that it's just brainwashing. They don't know what it's like to want to learn more and more about the way of Jesus and what the Lord wants from us. Some people might think it's just a trick to make people feel like they will get a prize at the end of the rainbow if we just live the way the book says. But, this isn't any ordinary book, it's powerful, and the Lord's words are very powerful. Just look at how popular the Bible is and all the churches we have around the world, and even in our communities. God is so powerful He will move heaven and earth to show you He's real. He will open your eyes and show you the truth and He will never, and I mean never let you down! He wants us to worship Him because He loves all of us and wants what is best for us. You're just wasting your eternal life, your soul and happiness if you want to live life your own way. The world and the things in it have drawn people away from the Lord. We were only given one chance to live. So, why waste our fate, our only chance to be a good sheep to the Shepherd, throw away a whole chance of eternal happiness and bliss by listening to Satan's false promises? Life has so much offered to us to learn about the Lord and to worship Him the best we can. There is no perfect human being, so take the challenge. No one said life would be easy. Why give up on the fortune of a life time? Get to know the Lord and you will not need or want anything else. Stuff won't match the happiness that awaits you from God.
I have my own true story to tell about my experiences, and especially my first experience of repentance to God. If you really want to know just ask me!
Oh, He is definitely real!

Monday, 19 May 2008

it's time to start a new

It's time to start my new life when I get home.
Find my own way.
Keep following the path God sends me through.
This is my own life.
Like God's mysterious ways, they might not like it,
but its the way it's supposed to be.